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Signature Dining

Food and Beverage at the mall

Food and beverage form an integral part of the shopping, leisure and entertainment experience at the Signature Mall. Restaurants and Cafés are conveniently placed throughout the Mall, enabling visitors to relax and refresh, while the food courts and kiosks offer diverse choice, value for money and unmatched rapid service.


Your ability to have an exceptional dining experience is profoundly important to us. And this is why we have assembled the best brands and retailers in the food and beverage industry to cater for your unique tastes.


With a 5-star hotel within the mall, you can expect some of the finest romantic dinner setups themed to specifications to help you impress that special person.

Cocktails & Wine

Perfect atmosphere for cocktails, wine & more

Great drinks and great food go together. Signature Mall is filled with vibrant bars and restaurants that serve the finest wines, cocktails, beers and more.


Whatever the brand that makes you happy, you will certainly find countless options and diverse varieties inside Signature Mall’s many wines and cocktails destinations.


Even better, the bar at Pride Inn Athi River on the 4th floor provides breathtaking dinning and drinking views of Nairobi’s Eastern metro. At Signature Mall, there’s always something for everyone.

Our Dining Centres